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Parastone and Montane Developments Ltd. has submitted a proposal to the City of Fernie for the addition of five residential Manufactured Home lots in an undeveloped portion on the southeast side of Slalom Drive. The addition of these lots will provide infill housing in a developed area for a more compact community.

Montane Fernie

The Slalom Drive property is owned by Montane Developments and has been part of the development for over a decade. The current proposal is to rezone approximately 21% of the total parcel (0.438 acres) from Natural Open Space to Manufactured Home Residential. The P2-Parks and Open Space zone is intended for publicly owned designated parks, trails and open space. In this instance, it is a large privately owned parcel and not public land.  This rezoning and subdivision will ensure the remaining area is dedicated for public use.

Affordable infill housing lots

It is clear from the Fernie Affordable Housing Strategy that affordable infill housing lots are critically needed for local Fernie families. Parastone’s intent with this infill site is to create housing lots that complement the existing Slalom Drive community and provide the opportunity for viable, affordable, infill manufactured home lots in Fernie.

City of Fernie OCP

The current City of Fernie OCP Housing Policies encourage infill development that increases the affordable housing choice and supports the principle of a compact neighbourhood. These lots will provide similar residential to the existing homes, without impacting the intent of the Natural Open Space. The completion of Slalom Drive will increase the tax base, utilize existing sewer and water, and provide more housing options in Fernie.

Open Space

As part of the subdivision process, Parastone hopes to dedicate the remaining 79% of their Slalom Drive land (1.569ha) as public open space linking Castle Mountain Road to Whitetail Drive. This will ensure the natural open space and trail linkages are secured for the City of Fernie and its residents.

Parastone has created only five wide lots to provide future home owners with a variety of building locations to preserve trees and minimize impact on the slope. The intent will be to identify and preserve as many trees as possible. Any trees deemed significant on the proposed residential parcels will be flagged and noted as significant for the future homeowner.

Parastone is committed to creating and preserving open space for the enjoyment of the community. The Montane Trail and Montane open space demonstrates their pledge to bringing access to nature for all ages.

Geotechnical Site Investigation

The City of Fernie has reviewed the geotechnical site investigation to confirm that these proposed lots are developable.

A professional engineer undertook a detailed investigation to determine soil, terrain and groundwater conditions and assess the development potential for single-family residences. The report found the following:

  • No significant issues are expected during excavation in terms of slope instability.
  • Residential construction should not affect slope stability of adjacent terrain.

The investigation has determined that the proposed lots are safe for the placement of Manufactured Homes.

Parastone and Montane Developments Ltd.

Parastone is committed to investing in the long term sustainability of our community. From the restoration of 901 to the Veneto Apartments, and presently with Montane Fernie, Parastone is creating community living solutions. Slalom drive is another example of how Parastone works to provide more attainable living while still maintaining the integrity for existing residents.

We ask you to please support our effort to create more AFFORDABLE LIVING IN FERNIE.

Please show your support for providing options for infill development in existing communities. You can make a difference by sending a letter from this page to the City of Fernie Mayor and Council, supporting our Slalom Drive proposal for five new Manufactured Home lots.

Existing manufactured homes on Slalom Drive

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